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Hey y’all, So let’s start by saying, I’m all about a sale. who isn’t? I’m also ALL about good, quality beauty products. I usually rely on Sephora, Ulta and Nordstroms for those purchases. But this morning I saw someone share the DermStore sale and just skimming through, holy moly you need to go check this out! They have ALL kinds of amazing lines and ALL is 25% off. Yes, you read that right 25% off.  I’ve linked a couple of my go to products, there are SEVERAL amazing lines and products! If you’re in need, some of these I’ve never seen on sale!     
  • dp HUE ACV – Okay, If you have followed me on instagram for awhile you know my scalp has been on the fritz ever since Jackson was born. (Thanks Jackson, you’re the real MVP) Anyways, I’ve been using this stuff for almost two months now, it’s incredible. Helps remove residue and with dandruff. oh and I love the ingredients!
  • Sunday Riley- Good Genes– This is one of my HOLY GRAIL products. It has lactic acid, I use it as my morning serum before moisturizer and I INSTANTLY notice a glow. I know it’s pricey but if you buy the big bottle, it last 3-4 months. 
  • Herbivore Botanicals- Lapis Oil – So I struggled with acne growing up and heck even as an adult. I always believed that my skin needed to be ultra dry to prevent acne. So the older I’ve gotten I’ve learned that it’s actually the opposite, you need to give your skin balance and moisturizing is an important key. I love this oil at night because I feel like my skin absorbs it well and I wake up and my skin looks refreshed. This is the only product I’ve tried from this brand but I like their natural ingredients, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I venture out soon.
  • Elta MD- tinted sunscreen – This is the HOLY GRAIL of sunscreen. I don’t leave the house without it on. If you need a good sunscreen, trust me this is it!
  • Briogeo- deep conditioning mask– I’m a sucker for a good deep conditioner. I’ve tried several, this one is little on the pricey end but lasts forever and truly works. I use it once a week and currently almost out but have had it for almost 6 months. Remember, a little bit goes a long way!
  • Sunday Riley- UFO Oil – Yet another oil! This one I use if I notice my skin flaring up for whatever reason. It has Salicylic Acid and Tea tree in it. I rotate this in my nightly routine from time to time. 
  • First Aid Beauty- Ultra Repair Cream – I have combination skin, sometimes oily sometimes dry. In the winter I need just some good ol’ quality moisture. I love this brand but I really like the texture of this cream. So if you have really dry skin, this is your jam! oh and the price is fantastic for a 6 oz container! 
Those are my top picks I use regularly! I know there are more amazing brands and products in this sale, go check it out! Ends Sunday! Thanks for reading along! Xoxo,  Lexie
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